Oregon Dunes NRA

I have separated this page into three different sections, data, papers, and photos. The most recent information is posted on this page.

bulletPapers -- Including thesis proposal and relevant papers and notes.
bulletImage directory -- with Dec. 1998 Vibracoring, photomicrographs, and air photos. Also has photos of gibbsite nodules and tree islands. I will add captions if this page has enough interested viewers. 

Most recent additions:

Publications, posters, thesis

bulletA comparison of soil relative dating techniques in a coastal dune environment - 2002 GSA abstract
bulletOrigin of the Coos Bay and Florence Dune Sheets, South Central Coast, Oregon - THESIS 72dpi Abode Acrobat Format (2.8mb)
bulletShifting ideas of Coastal Dunes 2000 GSA Cordilleran Section Abstract
bulletOAS 2000 Oregon Academy of Science PowerPoint Presentation
bulletSWS 1999 Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
bullet2000 Workshop Presentation given at the 2000 workshop on dunal paleosols

Bathymetry data: 

bulletAnimation of rising bathymetric contours off of the ODNRA (.avi format, ~5.7mb)
bulletAnimated graphic of the above animation, but of lower quality (.gif format, 81kb)
bulletStatic illustration of the above bathymetric data (.jpg format, 141kb)


bulletMy list of 151 references related to my thesis area (plain HTML format)
bulletKelso Landslide Site

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