Kelso Landslide

This page has resources relating to the Kelso, WA slide and slides in general.

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Japanese Landslide Video (3.4mb):

Live Mt. Saint Helens Volcano Cam

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bullet Student and Professional Geologic Reports
bulletApril 2001 Geological Society of America Abstract on the method of determining if movement is occurring; first developed with these projects.
bulletWinter 2000 PSU report
bullet Acrobat version of the presentation given to the Kelso City council by the members of this project.
bulletThe total movement map of the Apple Lane/Haussler Road area that includes all the surveyed homes.
bulletReview of landslide damage 
bulletOn the Haussler side of the hill conducted by Washington State Department of Natural Resources. doc file
bulletMap of movement from GeoEngineers Inc (~250 kb, Not dated, obtained in 2000)
bullet GeoEngineer's Report on the Vista Lane Area 8/99
bullet First PSU Geology Report on the Haussler Area sliding.  
bulletNow in pdf format, created by AG Flynn

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