Lower Haussler Road


Photo taken in June, 1999

A slump in the backyard of a house off of Haussler Rd. It is this kind of small slides on a larger landslide that leads to the hummocky landscape typical in landslides.

Photo taken in September, 1999

retainingwall.jpg (87084 bytes)
This homeowner is building a retaining wall in their backyard in an attempt to prevent further sliding.

Photos taken March, 2000 of damage now being incurred on Lowrane Drive, at the toe of the Apple Lane/Haussler Road landslide complex.

lowrane_foundation_crack_03-00.jpg (79814 bytes)
This house is on Lowrane drive at the bottom of the hill. As is plainly seen, the house has experienced severe damage, which has occurred since February, 2000
lowrane_house_crack_03-00.jpg (67752 bytes)
This is the same house as the one to the left. This is its chimney under going extensive damage.
lowrane_scarp 03-00.jpg (93609 bytes)
In the yard of one of the houses on Lowrane Drive, a slump is forming in the yard. The black line delineates the top section of the slump.
lowrane_driveway_03-00.jpg (39455 bytes)   lowrane_pit.jpg (81418 bytes)
The photo on the left is the driveway of the above house. The photo on the right is a sink hole that has developed in the yard of another house. The hole is deep enough that a shovel that was put in the hole disappeared and was not recovered.

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