Upper portions of the Aldercrest slide

Photos on this page are more recent as you move down the page, except for this first photo.

Photo appearing in the June 11th, 2000 Oregonian of the scarp from the air:
Two Years Later article.jpg (279092 bytes)

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Photos taken July 2002

(by Marlene Morgan)

Scarp face.

Wider view of the scarp, back-rotated trees, and the seeding effort. Houses here (as seen in older photos below) have been cleared.
Looking down into the graben. The scarp, graben, and top end of the translational block.
Another view of the scarp.

Photos taken Spring 2002

It looks like this photo was taken within the depression formed by the scarp. Still, the scarp face is very steep sided.  belowscarp.jpg (49641 bytes) A side view of the scarp. Note just slight up slope retrogression of the scarp since the disaster. scarp2002.jpg (45012 bytes)
scarp2002-2.jpg (56416 bytes) A wider view of the scarp. sign.jpg (83395 bytes) Signs installed by the City of Kelso.

Photos taken May 2001

Aldercrest Road is still not drivable, imagine that. View of the scarp interior. See the panorama below for two of these photos placed together. 
View of the scarp after three years of movement. Note how it is becoming revegetated. Another view of the scarp.
The houses in the area are being demolished by the city. This homesite is just above the scarp. House that just avoided falling in the scarp.
Mosaic of two photos above.  

Photos taken March, 2000

An updated photo of the scarp. Not much has changed at the top of the slide. scarp_03-00.jpg (131883 bytes) scarp_interior_03-00.jpg (133474 bytes)

Photos taken in November, 1999

scarp.jpg (94411 bytes)
The scarp. It is getting wider, and if you look closely, you can see that the new growth on the tilted tree's tops is starting to straighten out.

banyonroad.jpg (89960 bytes)
This is a recent view of upper Banyon Rd. The road has been stretched like taffy between the stable area above the scarp and the moving area under it.

onroad.jpg (62260 bytes)
The Hatfield house is moved from the slide area. Note that the house is wider than the road, hence the mailboxes being moved, and likely the speed limit sign to come.

An animated picture of the above house going around a tight corner (sorry, no thumbnail).

Photos taken in September, 1999 

This is the upper view of the scarp. The gravels in the hillside is the Troutdale Formation. It is this formation that is moving across the Cowlitz formation, a marine sedimentary formation, much finer grained and thus much less permeable that the Troutdale gravels. It is on this interface that the slide is occurring on. The water pools (an aquitard), thus lubricating the slip plane.
The interior of the scarp. The white house was almost on top of the scarp. Had it been a little to the left, it would have stayed on top of the scarp and fallen into the canyon created. This is what happened to the house in the photo to the left. The concrete is the former foundation of a house.
This is a view of the scarp interior. The scarp has widened significantly since the first time I was there in January,  1999.
This is Banyon road, which lead down to the lower portion if the landslide. The blacktop road in the distance was once continuous from where this photo was taken.

Photos taken in mid-June, 1999 taken by an unnamed person (they were in the forbidden zone).

A view of Banyon Rd. being torn apart further.
A new view of the large scarp. Look at past photos to compare widths.
A small doghouse that tumbled from an area above the road.
This driveway is being forced upwards by the land moving behind it.
Another, wider view of the scarp.
A flow of gravel coming from under a house. I imagine that if the gravel is not fill, then it is from the Troutdale Formation.
General geologic mayhem. If the vegetation was gone, the hummocky topography would be seen.

Photos from mid-March 1999 
by Marlene Morgan

tmm5.jpg (9778 bytes) tmm3.jpg (9268 bytes) tmm4.jpg (9884 bytes)

Photos taken January 15th, 1999

tscarp1.jpg (6931 bytes)
A house at the top of the scarp. The development is built on the top of an old landslide complex, who's scarp is just below these houses.
tscarp2.jpg (9565 bytes)
Side view of photo to the left.
tscarp3.jpg (7709 bytes)
Cross section of the scarp.
tscarp4.jpg (8472 bytes)
Second view of scarp.

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